Silja Voolma

Silja Voolma

Non-Executive Clinical Director

Dr. Silja Voolma is a Cambridge- and St Andrews-educated behavioural psychologist with over a decade of experience in designing behaviour change interventions and implementing digital health products and services across the startup, private, and government sectors. She is a research and teaching faculty member of the Institute of Psychology and the Institute of Genomics at the University of Tartu in Estonia and contributes to digital health teaching work at Imperial College, London. Silja was the Head of Personalised Medicine in her birth country of Estonia, led the research and design of personalised genetic risk communication for participants of the Estonian Biobank, and continues to work with individuals on improving their health and wellbeing using health psychology and behavioral science-based approaches.

Silja is also a practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry, trained by Dr. Gabot Mate, a world-renowned physician and addiction expert. She has designed behavior change interventions across multiple health experiences, including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, addiction disorders, and mental health conditions. Silja’s approach to behaviour change centres on theory and evidence-based techniques supporting intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and individual choice in intersectional contexts of change.




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